You're watching my next book being written in this post – so, who am I up against?
Week 1 of exploring, teasing out and writing a brand new book... in public on the internet.
I'm writing in public here my new book about careers.
And each compass points a different direction. Where does yours point?
Using the concept of the Thousand Doors to find the right career opportunities 🚪
The right principles, values, ethics and morals… whilst having them continually challenged and upgraded.
"A poor worksman blames his tools" – and the one without tools, is not a worksman at all
Does the world have more Apple users, or Android users? And, why you shouldn't neglect 78% of your market.
In a very great medium article, Nick Crocker outlined the idea of a personal group of ‘elephants’, a group of four or five people who you regularly and…
Why be far from everything you need?
From Mike Tyson to Martin Luther King.
From Andre Agassi and Tony Robbins to the one man who supported a crop of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs - 'support' is more than a buzzword.