Week 8: The right tools... and how to make your own AirBnB and memory system

"A poor worksman blames his tools" – and the one without tools, is not a worksman at all

Welcome to Week 8, dedicated to supporting young leaders with the right tools they need to propel them on their journey.

It was 2018 and I had a problem using my time

I was running my real estate business myself, without the support staff I needed. My time went into menial tasks instead of managing and developing my business… dealing with angry tenants, processing rents and all manner of unpleasant things.

I remember listening to a podcast by a tech-savvy real estate coach from the USA called Dan Wood, who introduced me to a stack of fascinating technology tools... I felt like a kid in a candy store!

It changed my life, and, it changed what I was capable of, almost overnight. When I had to let a team member go, instead of wading through a dreary hiring process right away, I started using contracting platforms with cheaper labour to begin automating manual tasks.

Not only was this super cost-effective, but it helped me attract better talent to my business because we offered agents more back-end support – now the logistics of my real estate business can run without me, which gives me more time to stand up and lead.

It has also freed up the time to do meaningful work like writing 18 & Lost?, co-creating the Constant Student and supporting a number of other projects that I’ve already been fortunate enough to see positively impact others.

I wouldn’t be here without technology, and the right tools

I speak mainly of digital tools in this article to keep it simple, but you can have a very broad understanding of ‘tools’ or ‘technology’…

  • Are the right books technology?

  • Are the right ideas technology? Are certain ways of thinking advanced tools?

Your material quality of life is better than that of a king who lived in the 12th century. You have better nutrition, better shelter, better medical resources and so forth… this picture is clear to you, but is not clear to the poor porper, or king, who lived in the 12th century.

So don’t forget, you’re living in the equivalent of that 12 century, when compared to someone else in the world right now! But, unlike those in the 12 century, there are tools that are very accessible to you right now that you’re failing to utilise. It’s because they’re beyond your awareness.

  • You don’t know what you don’t know, as usual.

Your leverage is based on your environment

  • Shakespeare wrote plays because the masses in his time were not literate.

  • Joe Rogan has around 11 million listeners per episode of his podcast. Would he have reached such heights if not for the emergence of the podcast format in the last 10-15 years?

  • How would a generation of influencers be making a living without Youtube, TikTok and Instagram?

The below image demonstrates the concept of leverage — like using a lever to lift that object you wouldn’t be able to budge with your bare hands.

A lever is a tool. The tool enables you to do something you couldn’t have otherwise done.

My tool-heavy life

I use a tool called Notion to store my reading list, favorite quotes, learnings, organise my podcast, compose writing pieces, save contacts, collaborate with people and plan projects, and much, much more.

  • I have seen the difference in my thinking, planning abilities, team organisation and the products and services I can offer improve ten-or-twenty-fold since I started using Notion in December 2020.

I use a tool called Lastpass to save and share confidential passwords for over 100 accounts I have online.

  • It seems trivial, but password fatigue is a real thing. This tool lets me collaborate with support and team members from all over the world.

I used a tool called Upwork to find talent, short-term contractors, who are peer-reviewed, and can be paid using a secure, transparent and fair platform.

  • It’s saved me tens of thousands of dollars, helped me contract out some 30-40 jobs, all in the fraction of the time, cost and mental fatigue it takes to recruit an employee or agency.

I use Canva to create presentations like this without paying a designer.

  • Holy dooley

I use a tool called Mighty Networks to set up a whole community, similar to having my own, customisable Facebook.

  • We’re bringing together young leaders from all over the world, also seriously aided by Zoom.

I use Whatsapp to call and message people from all over the world at the touch of a button – something which, when I was younger, used to cost a bomb!

For our community I have a list of 70+ incredible easy-to-use technology tools

The potential is mind-boggling… which is why I don’t recommend getting lost in technology, but having it filtered.

Don’t get caught in the cool – use the tools you need to stand taller

We can use these tools not to just ‘do more’ but to ‘deliver more’ to those who need it. Finding the right tools means being engaged in the channels that update you:

Your takeaway…

Your takeaway is – your potential is built on top of the tools you have. Do not neglect them. Discover them.

To best discover them, have a challenge, a mission to serve that is larger than yourself. That will require you to find and take advantage of those tools that help you stand taller.

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