Week 7 – The unseen impact of having a global community and network

Does the world have more Apple users, or Android users? And, why you shouldn't neglect 78% of your market.

Does the world have more Apple users, or Android users?

Many believe that Apple has a bigger share of the global mobile operating system market than Android 🍎. This is true in the USA, where slightly more than 50% of the market share belongs to Apple.

However, according to statcounter, Android have around 78% of the global market. Though most new software startups are tailored towards the iPhone market, who use Apple’s operating system – crazy, right?

There is a huge discrepancy here, and it says a lot about perspective. We are always limited to our perspective, and run the risk of bias when we assume that what we see is what everyone sees.

Going global 🌍

There’s a reason why so many big thinkers and entrepreneurs from the Western world have been profoundly shaped by an experience in the East.

  • Think of Steve Jobs (Apple), Phil Knight (Nike) and Alan Watts

Immersing yourself in a different culture expands your thinking — it forces you to challenge the assumptions you had about the world around you, and your place in it.

Matthew McConaughey talked about it in his memoirs, Greenlights, when he spent a year on exchange in my native Australia. Having been confronted by the peculiarities of his host family he was forced to be introspective, to understand himself in order to understand what was going on around him.

  • These cross-cultural experiences force a style of thinking which is deeper and more divergent.

  • It promotes open-mindedness and thinking from first principles.

Learning about romance from a 73-year-old widow and teenager from India 💝

A few weeks ago in the Constant Student Community we had a workshop on romantic relationships. As is the case with all our workshops, so much of the learning is based on who shows up. Because we have members from all over the globe, we got a broad range of perspectives on this topic.

  • We had a teenager from India talk about the culture of arranged marriages in her country, and the impact that has on dynamics

  • We also had a 73-year-old widow reflect a perspective on romantic relationships that few people get the chance to have

Lachlan Tosh, who runs Fresh Hydration, ended up having a conversation with one of our community members from Malaysia. As his business is all about clean drinking water, this conversation gave him perspective on the constrain of drinking water supply in Malaysia at times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • This gave him a unique perspective, story angle and context on the mission to bring clean drinking water to more people.

Take-away 👏

  1. Don’t get too smart — products and services fall into the ‘Android-Apple’ trap I outlined above all the time, despite having a wealth of intellect, financial resources and ‘experience’. If you don’t have ways of continually broadening your perspective, who knows what the cost might be?

Could you be neglecting 78% of your market????

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